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Unlimited data retention and full control

CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 gives you complete control over the retention of your backed-up data. The program stores your data on a local drive, allowing you to either keep it there for an indefinite period of time or apply different data retention policies in order to automatically free up disk space.

Backup O365 - feature - Unlimited archiving

There are two types of retention available in CodeTwo Backup for Office 365:

  • storage retention
  • archive retention

Storage retention allows you to apply a retention policy directly on the storage where your backed-up data is kept. Retention can be set either for Exchange Online or SharePoint Online (including OneDrive for Business) data, or both. This allows you to specify which items (or item versions) should be deleted from the storage based on their age or other characteristics. Storage retention goes hand in hand with the automatic data archiving feature of the program – instead of deleting your data, you can archive it first.

In addition, archives have their own retention settings that let you further control the disk storage on your machine. If necessary, you can select to keep a specific number of archives (only the latest ones) or allow the program to automatically delete the oldest archives whenever the disk space is too low to create a new archive.

Try out CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 now – simply download and install the trial version and back up the entire Office 365 (Microsoft 365) data for 30 days.

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