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Installing CodeTwo products on Windows Server 2016


After a successful installation of CodeTwo software (listed in the Related products section below this article) on Windows Server 2016, you cannot launch the program from the Start menu. It’s not possible to expand the CodeTwo folder that was created there, and you cannot find the installed program using the search function in Windows. However, there are no further issues regarding the program's functionality, and you can still launch it directly from the installation folder.


This issue may appear when you use the Start menu at least once during the current Windows session, and before installing CodeTwo software. The reason this happens is because of the way the search function works on the older builds of Windows Server 2016, without the newest updates installed.

The problem has been resolved completely with cumulative update KB4048953 for Windows Server 2016. Although this is the minimum required update, we strongly advise you to install the latest available updates for this operating system before installing one of the CodeTwo products mentioned in the Related products section.

If you don’t want to install new updates and you’re still experiencing problems with launching CodeTwo software from the Start menu, simply restart your machine. This should fix the problem.