CodeTwo Email Signatures
for Email Clients

Centrally managed, client-sided signatures for Office 365, G Suite, OWA and Outlook


CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients is a central email signature manager designed to support various email clients. This program allows for creating unified email signature templates containing all significant information, i.e sender’s contact details, photos or social media buttons.
All of its functionalities can be easily managed in a handy WYSIWYG editor.

Let the program help you build and deploy email signatures:

  • Use user’s Office 365 profile pictures in signature templates Unified but containing personal information at the same time
  • Signatures is displayed while composing an email. Displayed while composing an email message
  • Easily add images and banners Equipped with social media icons, hyperlinks, and visuals
  • Adjust and control themes and stationery, message format, categories and font formating. Adjusted to your company standards as it controls themes and stationery, message format, categories and font formatting
  • Design and deploy email signatures to email clients

    The key idea of the program is to give end users the opportunity for creating email signatures in the program’s handy Template Editor and deploy them via policies to various email clients such as, for example, G Suite or Outlook, so it would eliminate the need for having an email server. Thanks to this program, you can easily manage and benefit from fully personalized email signatures added to all your emails.

  • Signatures for Microsoft Outlook

    Now you can create a unified email signature in the program’s Administration Panel and distribute it to all client machines running Microsoft Outlook. Then you can enjoy having the nicely designed signature available in every new email message.

  • Signatures for G Suite mail

    The program also fully supports G Suite letting you easily add global email signatures to all emails sent by users in your organization. Within minutes, you can deploy hundreds of unified, beautifully designed footers and disclaimers for your Google mail messages.

  • Signatures for hosted email

    Compose and centrally manage email footers for Outlook 2013, 2010 (or older) connected to hosted email accounts. The program will automatically update settings in your users' email clients on their PCs and deploy predefined signatures and other policies.

  • Signatures for OWA Office 365

    It is also possible to manage all Office 365 email signatures from one place. Just compose a signature template using CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients and deploy it using the administrator's account. Split second and your Office 365 users have a global signature. You do not need to set up any connectors in Office 365 to use the program. For a server-sided solution for email signature management in Office 365, check out CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.

  • Central management

    The program allows you to create, deploy and control mail signatures, disclaimers for all those platforms from one place. An intuitive user's interface makes it easy to manage multiple policies and quickly compose or edit footer templates for selected users.

  • See your signature while composing an email

    Your users see signatures right after they start composing an email. This gives them confidence that they always send a message with a proper disclaimer or signature, and that the footer is positioned right below their message. It also prevents users from adding their own, custom signatures to messages.

  • Standardized and personalized

    Even though you create master templates for many users, their signatures are still personalized. While creating a footer, you can insert dynamic fields, which will be changed into individual users' data inside the signature. The program is fully compatible with Active Directory and G Suite or Office 365 users’ database.

  • Template editor - add text, links, graphics and photos

    An easy to use template editor allows you to quickly compose signatures for HTML, RTF and pure text emails. An appropriate footer is automatically inserted depending and the email format your users send. Use it also to add company logotypes, images and even photographs to your Outlook email.

  • Aid for marketing campaigns and compliance

    Centrally managed email policies not only aid compliance and assure unified message design across the entire company - they also provide a perfect way for boosting your marketing actions with global email banners or links to your promotions.

  • Track marketing efforts in web analytics platforms

    You can easily track how your signatures perform in terms of marketing by adding URL tagging to them. Doing so will let you see the statistics for web traffic sent to your website in Google Analytics or similar web analytics platforms. Learn more...

  • Email formatting, fonts, themes and stationeries

    Set company-wide themes, email format and even categories for your corporate mail. You can also influence the font size and face in all OWA and Office 365 messages.

  • Block existing signatures

    Blocking existing signatures that are added by Outlook itself is just a click away now. All you need to do is tick one checkbox while defining a policy in the program.

  • Ease of use + tech support

    Slim and clutter free sidebar and top menu make it easy and quick to learn and use the program. Deploying your policies is straightforward and does not require any logon scripts or network shares. If you need assistance, our Customer Support team is happy to help 24 hours on weekdays.

  • Competitive price

    We guarantee competitive prices for this software and for the support contract. Learn more about the prices »

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

    No matter what the reason you can return the product within 30 days of purchase date, no questions asked. Learn more about our 30-day money back guarantee program »

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Product information

Product name: CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients

Supported platforms

Windows Server 2016(1) / 2012 R2 / 2012 / 2008 R2 / 2008
Small Business Server 2011 / 2008
Windows 10(2) / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista

Mail clients:
Microsoft Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007
Outlook on the web (OWA) 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007
Office 365
G Suite / Gmail

Support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions(3)

.NET Framework 4.5 or higher is required

(1) If you can't find the program after the installation, consult this KB article.
(2) If the program doesn't work after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8.1, you need to reinstall the application.
(3) In non-domain environments, the program cannot be installed together with any 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook.

Product description

Centrally manage personalized email signatures for multiple users in Office 365, G Suite and hosted email services.

Version details

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  • Size: 80.8 MB

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