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Post-migration rescan

It does not matter how many items you choose to migrate – a chance that the migrated users receive some emails during or after the migration process is almost 100%. That is why migrations to Office 365 (Microsoft 365) always come with a risk that some items will get lost in transition. Most companies cannot afford to lose business-critical emails. Data migration is not a valid excuse for a customer – that is why CodeTwo Office 365 Migration comes with the rescan feature.

Post-migration rescan

The post-migration rescan, or delta migration, is a feature which guarantees that no items are lost during the migration. After a migration process is finished, you can migrate the new items that have been created on the source server with a single click of the Rescan button.

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration ensures that your transition to the new environment does not cause any side effects. While you benefit from the automation and scheduling features, your end users can be migrated without even noticing it. The post-migration rescan feature ensures no item is left behind in the source environment.

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