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Folder types selection

Not every Office 365 (Microsoft 365) migration scenario is the same. Various organizations have different needs – some want to move each and every item to the target Office 365 tenant, while others want to migrate only emails, leaving other mailbox item types on the source server. Yet another organization might want to move a few chosen or newest items first and then migrate other as a next step. CodeTwo Office 365 Migration, unlike the native migration tools, supports all those scenarios and more.

Office 365 Migration - Folder types selection

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration has been designed to let you handle any migration scenario. Folder filters give you the chance to choose which item types to migrate and which to migrate later or leave in the source environment indefinitely. Additionally, you can exclude special folder types, like Drafts, Junk Email and Deleted Items from the migration project to ensure the target environment is not cluttered from the start.

Another migration filtering option involves applying time filters. You can decide which items to migrate, depending on their age. This feature allows you to migrate, for example, all items created or modified in the last 30 days, switch to the new environment, and migrate the remaining items later on.

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