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Tenant to tenant migration

Office 365 (Microsoft 365) tenant to tenant migration is a common requirement during mergers and acquisitions. Since many organizations rely on Office 365, when they join their data needs to be transferred to a common tenant. CodeTwo Office 365 Migration addresses the needs of such companies, making the mailbox data migration between multiple tenants far simpler compared to the native approach.

Office 365 tenant to tenant migration

Company mergers and acquisitions involve numerous challenges. Manual migrations, missing emails and documents, or unplanned email server downtime are the last thing a company needs. CodeTwo Office 365 Migration offers a number of conveniences and features that ensure successful completion of data transfer which are not available when using the native Microsoft 365 mechanisms:

  • Automatic creation of target mailboxes and source-to-target mailbox matching.
  • Fully customizable migration scope. Select the scope of source mailboxes that needs to be migrated. Use the time and folder filters available in the program to further narrow down the migrated data.
  • Automatic connection to source and target Microsoft 365 tenants. The connection is authenticated by OAuth 2.0 – the program has no access to your credentials. It also does not store the migrated data on your local disk. 
  • No need for scripts – configure the entire migration process in the program via a GUI-based interface.
  • No additional Microsoft 365 services are required.
  • Easy roll-back to the source environment. The data is copied, not moved, from the source environment to the target one, which means the source Microsoft 365 tenant remains intact both during the migration and after you complete it.

On top of that, users can continue using their mailboxes while the migration is being performed. With CodeTwo Office 365 Migration, you can rest assured that the migration process is always secure and goes smoothly. And in case you need any assistance, CodeTwo Support is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, to help your project succeed.

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