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Migrate from hosted Exchange server to Office 365 (Microsoft 365)

In principle, hosted Exchange service (such as Intermedia, Rackspace or GoDaddy) is very similar to Office 365 (Microsoft 365) – a business email solution that doesn’t require you to set up and maintain an in-house mail server. The difference is that hosted Exchange is built upon an on-premises version of Exchange Server and very often the access to advanced administrative functions is blocked or limited by the third-party service provider. This is what motivates many organizations to move their email to Office 365 – a task which is completed safely and quickly with CodeTwo Office 365 Migration.

Migrate from hosted Exchange server to Office 365

Our program can be used to migrate mailboxes from hosted Microsoft Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010. You can install it on any machine within your organization and configure the connection to your source server by using credentials of a single admin account. The only requirements are that:

  • the admin account needs to be assigned the ApplicationImpersonation role to the user accounts whose mailboxes you want to migrate,
  • you need to prepare a CSV containing a list of paired source and target mailboxes (the file must contain both the email addresses and IDs of all mailboxes included in the migration process). Your service provider should be able to supply you with the necessary data.

When that’s done, simply create a migration job in the program and import the CSV file. The built-in scheduler as well as time/folder filters let you adjust the entire migration process to your needs and automate it completely.

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