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The license for the software is one-off. Technical support is included in the price and expires after one year. It is not possible to buy a Support contract separately. What does technical support include?

All prices shown on the website are net of Value Added Tax and any other taxes or duties.

New license

Use the pricing calculator below to find out how much CodeTwo Office 365 Migration will cost, depending on the number of source mailboxes you need to migrate to Office 365 (Microsoft 365).

If you are migrating to an on-premises Exchange server, use CodeTwo Exchange Migration instead.


When migrating Exchange mailboxes, a single license allows you to migrate both the primary and archive mailboxes (In-Place Archives).

The migration of a Public Folders database (with all subfolders) reduces your CodeTwo Office 365 Migration license count by 100 mailboxes.

Additional licenses

The price for additional licenses for CodeTwo Office 365 Migration is exactly the same as the price for new licenses, but the cost per additional mailbox may be lower than in your original order.

For example, you have originally purchased 100 licenses where the cost per mailbox was $6.76. Now, if you want to order 10 additional licenses, the ordering system will take into account your current 100 licenses so that you will benefit from the lower price per mailbox: 100 + 10 = 110 licenses, which is $6.60 per each additional mailbox (not $12). This way the total cost for 10 additional licenses would be $66 and not $120.

To expand your license, order a number of licenses corresponding with the number of additional source mailboxes you want to migrate.

Version 3.0 of the program introduces a new licensing model. Thanks to this change, you can install multiple instances of the program using a single license key. Each migrated mailbox subtracts licenses from the common license pool.

NOTE: If you have version 1.x or 2.x of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration and need to expand your license (add new licenses), we recommend upgrading the program to version 3.x, first (the upgrade is free). Follow this link for more details. 

Free trial version

Before purchasing, you can trial CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. The trial version allows you to migrate up to 10 items per folder. However, if you would like to migrate all items from a limited number of mailboxes, please contact CodeTwo Customer Success team to obtain a special temporary license key.

Learn more about the trial version of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

Ordering details

You can pay for the software by credit/debit card, wire transfer or send us a purchase order. Once we receive the payment, you will receive a license key. Credit/debit card payments are handled by PayPal (Braintree). Submitting your credit card information on CodeTwo's website is safe as our order system uses only TLS encrypted and verified connections to process your payment. CodeTwo does not store your credit card information in any form. CodeTwo is PCI compliant.

CodeTwo is PCI compliant

What does technical support include?

Technical support is included in the price of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. It entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Free updates and upgrades to the product.
  • Full access to our online knowledge base.
  • 24/5 access to our Customer Success team (awarded by Microsoft) by email and phone.
  • 24-hour response time guarantee. Our technicians will answer all questions concerning our products and will assist in addressing potential technical issues.
  • Assistance comprehensively provided by the same specialist (unless he/she is out of office).

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