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The trial version of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration works for 30 days for an unlimited number of mailboxes. However, you can only migrate up to 10 items of any type (emails, contacts, tasks, meetings etc.) from each mailbox, including public folders.

When the 30 days are over, the program switches to the read-only mode. You will be able to open it and change some of its settings. However, to run a migration job, you will need to purchase a license key and activate the software.

After activating the software with the license key, you can resume migration jobs defined during the trial period. Note that the migration status of mailboxes that have already been partially migrated is changed to Finished (Fig. 1.) and the software will not automatically continue migrating these mailboxes when the job is resumed. This is because the trial version limit of 10 items per mailbox has been reached, and the software assumes that the migration of the mailbox has been completed.

Checking the migration status of mailboxes.
Fig. 1. Checking the migration status of mailboxes.

You can resume the migration of these mailboxes manually, by clicking the Run delta migration button (Fig. 2.). During delta migration, the program will compare the content of all source mailboxes included in the job, regardless of their migration status, with what has already been migrated. Only those source items that are missing in the target mailboxes will be migrated. Items migrated during the trial period will be skipped.

Locating the Run delta migration button on the Jobs tab.
Fig. 2. Locating the Run delta migration button on the Jobs tab.

If items migrated during the trial period have been modified, and you want to migrate them again, reset the migration status by clicking the Reset button (Fig. 3.). Remember to delete the already migrated items from the target mailbox to avoid having duplicates. For more details, see this section of the manual.

Locating the Reset button on the Jobs tab.
Fig. 3. Locating the Reset button on the Jobs tab.

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