Connecting to source Office 365

Once the installation of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration is finished, you have to choose a source environment from which the data will be pulled and migrated to selected mailboxes in target Office 365. This article describes how to connect to source Office 365.


The software accesses your source Office 365 via Exchange Web Services (EWS). The EWS protocol is also used to migrate items to target Office 365.

You can create a new source connection when you configure a migration job: click Create a new migration job on the How to start card (see Fig. 1.) and select Office 365. Then type the name of your job, and proceed to the Source mailboxes step. Select Add new source connection from the Source server list to open the source server connection wizard. You can also start the wizard by clicking the Settings (Office 365 Migration settings button temp) button on the Defined source server connections card (Fig. 1.) and choosing New > Office 365 connection.

Office 365 Migration -new source connection
Fig. 1. How to open the source connection wizard.

The source server connection wizard opens with the Admin credentials step, where you need to provide credentials of an Office 365 administrator account that will be used by this service (Fig. 2.).
Learn more about source Office 365 account requirements

Office 365 Migration Office 365 source wizard 1
Fig. 2. Configuring admin credentials for Office 365 source connection.

In the second (last) step of the wizard - Configuration - you can create the source server connection. Click Configure and verify the results. Once the setup is complete (Fig. 3.), click Finish to close the window (if you encounter any problems, see Troubleshooting). You can now move on to configure a target Office 365 connection of your choice.

Office 365 Migration Office 365 source wizard 2
Fig. 3. Configuration of a source connection with Office 365.

When you complete the wizard, the new connection should be displayed on the Defined server connections card (Fig. 4.).


If necessary, you may reconfigure your source connection by clicking the Settings (Office 365 Migration settings button temp) button in the upper-right corner of the Defined source server connections card (Fig. 4.).

Office 365 Migration source Office 365 connection
Fig. 4. Defined source server connections.

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