Connecting to target Office 365

Once you installed CodeTwo Office 365 Migration and configured a source environment, it is time to create a connection to your target Office 365 server.


The program uses Exchange Web Services (EWS) to connect to a target Office 365 environment.

To configure a target connection, you need to launch the target server connection wizard. There are two ways to do that:

  • Click the Settings (Office 365 Migration settings button temp) button on the Defined target server connections card and choose New (Fig. 1.).
  • Open the migration job wizard and go to the Target mailboxes step. Choose Add new target connection from the drop-down Target server list to launch the wizard.

Office 365 Migration new target connection
Fig. 1. Creating a new target server connection.

Either way, the target server connection wizard will open. In the first step (Admin's credentials) please provide a valid UPN and password of your target Office 365 administrator account (learn more about the target account requirements). Click Next to proceed.

Office 365 Migration target connection wizard 1
Fig. 2. Opening the target server configuration window.

In the next step, click Configure and the wizard will set up connection to your target Office 365 server, assign the target admin account with impersonation rights to users' mailboxes, and access target user mailboxes (Fig. 3.).

Office 365 Migration target connection wizard 2
Fig. 3. Successful connection with a target server.

Additionally, this last step allows you to check the administrator's impersonation rights for a selected user mailbox on your target server - simply click the Test link (Fig. 3.) to open the mailbox selection window (Fig. 4.). Choose a target mailbox and run the test.

Office 365 Migration target test impersonation
Fig. 4. Impersonation rights' test window.

When your configuration is successfully completed (as shown in Fig. 3.), click Finish to save it and exit the wizard.


If necessary, you may reconfigure your target connection by clicking the Settings (Office 365 Migration settings button temp) button in the upper-right corner of the Defined target server connections card (Fig. 5.).

Office 365 Migration defined target connection
Fig. 5. Defined target server connections.

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