Troubleshooting source Exchange Server connectivity

This article describes the Check connection to Exchange Server action of the source connection wizard. When this action is performed, the program uses the credentials of a currently logged on user to create a MAPI session and access the user's mailbox entered in the previous step of the wizard.

In general, this test may fail (Fig. 1.) if:

  • the account used is not a Local Administrator,
  • the administrator's account used has no associated mailbox,
  • the administrator's mailbox is hidden from Exchange Address List,
  • the administrator's mailbox has not been completely activated (mailbox has not been opened yet display language and time zone were not configured),
  • the administrator's mailbox name or credentials were misspelled,
  • the administrator's credentials expired,
  • the administrator's account or mailbox is locked or disabled,
  • source server storage groups or databases are non-operational,
  • Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is not running,
  • there is another software installed on the machine equipped with CodeTwo Office 365 Migration that uses MAPI profiles.
Office 365 Migration source wizard failure 2
Fig. 1. Checking server's connectivity - MAPI connection.

Study the examples below that show the most common MAPI-related source server connectivity issues:

  • Failed to open 'Mailbox - [mailbox name]".

The error above indicates that the user's mailbox entered in the previous step cannot be used for migration due to the lack of proper access rights. To fix the problem, make sure to enter the Administrator's mailbox who belongs to an appropriate group.

  • Error opening default mailbox in the MAPI profile. MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER (0x8004011d).
  • Error opening default mailbox in the MAPI profile. MAPI_E_UNCONFIGURED (0x8004011c).

Read more about these errors in this Knowledge Base article.

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