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Error opening default mailbox in the MAPI profile


You get the following or similar error messages in either a window pop-up, software's log files or in the status window:

Error opening default mailbox in the MAPI profile. MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER (0x8004011d) or MAPI_E_UNCONFIGURED (0x8004011c)


These error messages are produced when there is a problem using MAPI profile on the machine where CodeTwo software is installed. There may be many reasons to that, for example:

  • You have installed the program in the target server environment instead of the source one - this includes cases in which the machine is physically in the source server network but a member of the target server domain (applies to MAPI source connections in migration software only).
  • There is another software using MAPI profiles installed on this machine, for example a 64-bit version of Outlook or BlackBerry Enterprise Server - please install our software on a different machine.
  • The MAPI libraries installed on your machine are either corrupted or outdated. Please uninstall the Messaging API and Collaboration Data Objects from the Control Panel, reboot the machine and install the latest version.
  • There are old unused MAPI profiles present on the machine. This theoretically should not be a problem, however, since the profiles are not in use anymore it is recommended and safe to remove them. You can do this using a free tool - MFCMAPI.
  • The account you are logged on with and using to run the software or the other account selected to configure a MAPI profile with:
    • is disabled or locked,
    • has not enough permissions - please use the domain admin account,
    • is not mailbox enabled - please log in to the OWA with it to verify that,
    • its mailbox was never used - same as above, log in to OWA,
    • its mailbox has MAPI access feature disabled in Exchange mailbox properties,
    • is hidden from Exchange Address List,
    • you provided a wrong password for it,
    • the password has expired for it while you were logged in,
    • you have never logged in to the server using that account, therefore it is not considered as fully activated
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store service is stopped in one of your Exchange Servers.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server storage groups or databases are inactive or unmounted.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server users' mailboxes are disabled or hidden from Exchange address list or users are disabled or removed from Active Directory therefore are either invisible or inaccessible by CodeTwo software.

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