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When using CodeTwo software that utilizes MAPI profiles to access mailboxes you receive MAPI error MAPI_E_AMBIGUOUS_RECIP (0x80040700). The error message is either displayed in a window or visible in the software's log file.

Fig. 1. Example of an error message window pop-up.

For example, CodeTwo Exchange Sync logs the following message:

Error: Error configuring Microsoft Exchange service in the profile. MAPI_E_AMBIGUOUS_RECIP (0x80040700). module: ProfManProfile.cpp, line: 157, func: ProfMan::CProfManProfile::CreateExchangeServerService


This error message is produced when the software cannot point at the right account to create a MAPI profile. This can happen for a few reasons, for example you have multiple mailboxes with the same or similar mailbox aliases, primary SMTP addresses, mailbox display names or the latter do not match accounts' sAMAccountName AD property (users logon names). This is known issue to Microsoft.

The simplest solution to this problem is to create a new mailbox-enabled account with a name completely different from your existing Active Directory accounts. Please also make sure that other name related properties' values are consistent with the account's name. So for example, if you previously used an account named "c2sync" the new account's logon name can be "CodeTwoSoftware". Make sure that alias and mailbox name are also "CodeTwoSoftware" and that the primary SMTP address starts with "CodeTwoSoftware@..." as well.

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