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Troubleshooting CodeTwo migration software

The first thing for you to do when troubleshooting the CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration software is to make sure that the program was installed and configured properly and your environment is prepared for migrations:

  • You meet the system requirements displayed on the download website (CodeTwo Exchange Migration / CodeTwo Office 365 Migration).
  • You are attempting only a supported migration scenario (CodeTwo Exchange Migration / CodeTwo Office 365 Migration).
  • The program is installed in a proper location, depending on the migration type:
    • migration from Exchange - the program should be installed in a source server environment, preferably directly on the source Exchange server. If your Exchange runs under an operating system older than Windows Server 2008 R2, it might be better to install the program on another machine (running a more up-to-date OS);
    • migration from Office 365 - you need to install our migration software on any machine with a connection to both the source and the target environment;
    • migration from hosted Exchange - install the software on any machine with a connection to both source server and target server (CodeTwo Office 365 Migration) or on a target server from which you can connect to your source hosted Exchange server (CodeTwo Exchange Migration);
    • migration from IMAP - the aim is to minimize data transfer. Therefore, in the case of CodeTwo Exchange Migration, the best way is to install the program on a target server from which your IMAP source can be accessed. In CodeTwo Office 365 Migration, the target server cannot be accessed directly, so the program should be installed as close to the IMAP source as possible.
  • When migrating from Exchange: you have installed and run the program using the domain admin account, preferably the same account that you are going to use in the program's Source Server configuration window.
  • When migrating from IMAP: make sure it is possible to connect to your IMAP server from the machine on which CodeTwo migration software is installed by following all steps described in this article
  • You have configured the Source Server window before attempting a migration.
  • The target server admin account has been successfully granted impersonation rights. The program can add these rights on its own during the configuration of the target connection.
  • CodeTwo Exchange Migration only: when logged in to a source server machine you are able to access the target server's EWS using the address you provided in this window and you are able to log in to EWS, if prompted, using the UPN and password you provided in this window.
  • The target server's public folders are enabled. In the case of Exchange Online (Office 365) or Exchange Server 2010 and later, you need to manually create a mailbox for public folders. See this article on how to create public folders.

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