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Each migration project is a bit different. Different organizations have different policies, source environments and different needs. That is why a migration tool needs to be flexible. One of the ways to achieve this flexibility is the option to install CodeTwo Office 365 Migration in Microsoft Azure.

Install Office 365 migration tool in the cloud

Deploying CodeTwo Office 365 Migration in the cloud can be helpful, for example, when you handle many migration projects at the same time. You can install multiple instances of our migration tool, activate them by using the same license key, and access them all from the same place. Separate instances for different migration projects help you stay organized.

What is very important is that CodeTwo Office 365 Migration is a reliable solution that helps you ensure maximum data security when moving to Office 365. No matter if you install it locally, or in the cloud, you are the only one responsible for the data you migrate. No other third party intermediaries are involved in the migration process.

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