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Automatic mailbox matching

Using native tools for data migration to Office 365 (Microsoft 365) can be challenging. Matching source mailboxes with the target ones can be troublesome. Fortunately, you can use CodeTwo Office 365 Migration to make this transition easier.

automatic mailbox matching

Thanks to the automatic mailbox matching feature, source and target mailboxes are matched with one another with just a click of a button. The matching method is based on users’ AD attributes. As a natural extension of this functionality, our Office 365 migration tool lets you automatically create and license mailboxes which have not been created in the target environment yet.

All you have to do is to choose a pattern based on which our migration tool will perform the matching process. Most mailbox matching scenarios can be handled with built-in, predefined patterns. Additionally, there is an option to define a custom pattern and, if there are mailboxes that you want to migrate to a different, non-standard target mailbox, you can always match them manually with just a few clicks.

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