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Scheduled migration

Mailbox migrations are traditionally performed outside of business hours, most often at weekends. This guarantees that the source server has maximum resource availability and reduces the number of non-migrated items. The downside to this approach is that native migration scenarios require the admin to start the migration process manually. Not everyone is happy working long into the night or over the weekends. Fortunately, CodeTwo Office 365 Migration comes with an easy way to migrate mailboxes at any time without the need for anyone to operate the program whatsoever.

schedule your migration to Office 365

With our Office 365 (Microsoft 365) migration tool, you can automate the entire migration process. The built-in scheduler lets you plan the migration months before it starts. The most popular way to use it is to let the application perform migration tasks only at weekends and outside of office hours. The migration can be paused at any time, either automatically or manually, even when a mailbox is in the middle of migration. Pausing and resuming the migration process does not entail any risk of item corruption.

Use the scheduler to run:

  • One-time full data migration – the migration job finishes once all your data is transferred to the cloud.
  • Recurring delta migrations – the migration job runs in cycles. In each subsequent run, the program rescans all source mailboxes and migrates the new content only (that has not been migrated yet). Learn more about delta migrations

In addition, you can configure the program to send automated reports. As a result, you will know immediately whenever any problems occurred or when a certain migration stage is finished. Finally, an option to assign priorities to mailboxes lets you make sure that the most important resources are migrated first.

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