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Why do I need CodeTwo Office 365 Migration?

This table highlights the main benefits of using CodeTwo Office 365 Migration while moving your users to the cloud. See the comparison of the program's features with the native capabilities of Office 365.

Read Microsoft MVP's, J. Peter Bruzzese's detailed discussion of Office 365's native migration paths and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration vs. Office 365 native migration
Office 365 Migration
Office 365
native migration tools
100% GUI based, no PowerShell requiredExchange RulesExchange Rules
Consistent user experience in all migration scenariosExchange RulesExchange Rules
Easy migration between tenantsExchange RulesExchange Rules
Migrate all item typesExchange RulesExchange Rules
Easy public folders migrationExchange RulesExchange Rules
Migration from IMAP serversExchange RulesExchange Rules
Compatibility with DirSync/AAD ConnectExchange Rules*Exchange Rules
Reports and log filesExchange RulesExchange Rules
Configuration assistant and pre-configuration checklistExchange RulesExchange Rules
Delta migration optionExchange RulesExchange Rules
Migration schedulerExchange RulesExchange Rules
Pause/resume optionExchange RulesExchange Rules
Bulk target user account creationExchange RulesExchange Rules
Mailbox auto-matchingExchange RulesExchange Rules
Bulk email address EX to SMTP conversionExchange Rules**Exchange Rules
Free technical support from qualified techniciansExchange RulesExchange Rules
Email alertsExchange RulesExchange Rules
Time filtersExchange RulesExchange Rules
Migration process based on jobsExchange RulesExchange Rules
Real time statisticsExchange RulesExchange Rules

* Environments synced using Microsoft Entra Connect (Azure AD Connect) or other directory sync tools are supported only after meeting certain requirements. Learn more...

** The conversion is possible only for the source items which have the SMTP address property defined.

Graphical user’s interface instead of PowerShell

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration will let you carry out the entire mailbox migration to Office 365 without using any PowerShell commands. The program’s easy to use and clutter-free user interface allows you to easily monitor the progress of the migration by displaying graphical progress bars and completion status icons. See screenshots…

One tool for many migration scenarios

Are you an IT consultant dealing with dozens or hundreds of mailbox migrations a year? Now you can get a tool that will let you easily move your clients’ mailboxes to the Cloud, regardless of what their on-premises Exchange environment looks like. Also a company merger will not be a problem, as CodeTwo Office 365 Migration supports moving mailboxes between tenants. The program will give you a consistent user experience across all supported migration scenarios. There’s no need to learn separate migration paths for every environment configuration. The program simplifies the process of getting to the Cloud and works always the same, no matter if you migrate from Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or another Office 365 tenant. Learn more about supported migration scenarios…

Easy public folders migration

Migrating public folders from Exchange Server installed on-premises to Office 365 (Exchange Online) can cause a lot of confusion. You have to make complicated preparations and use multiple PowerShell scripts. What is more, at some point, you will have to experience downtime. CodeTwo Office 365 Migration will help you keep it simple and seamless. Migrating the public folders structure and its contents to the Cloud works exactly the same way as with user mailboxes.

Migration from IMAP servers with extended control

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration lets you manage migrations of email from servers supporting IMAP, such as IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) and Google Apps. During IMAP migrations you can use all of the program's filtering, reporting and scheduling features. Learn more...

Reports and easy error diagnosis

The program comes with a robust reporting functionality letting you generate reports for the entire migration, as well as particular mailboxes. What's more, thanks to detailed log files generated per mailbox, error diagnosis during the migration finally became quick and simple. After completing the migration of every mailbox the program generates a detailed log file with information about every migrated mailbox and its items. If the administrator sees a warning next to a given mailbox, they can easily identify the problem by viewing the log file.

Configuration assistant and pre-configuration checklist

Every environment needs to be properly prepared before the migration. We equipped the program with connection assistants that will help you establish the connection with the source and target servers before you launch the migration. These wizards also generate a short pre-configuration checklist that checks the environment and informs about its readiness to launch the migration.

Delta migration before or after making the final switch

Because CodeTwo Office 365 Migration allows users to work with their mailboxes as their content is being transferred to Office 365, the program also features a handy delta migration feature that should be used before the final cutoff of the source mailbox. After clicking the Run delta migration button, CodeTwo Office 365 Migration searches for new items in the source mailboxes and ads them to the target location. Thanks to this feature, users can be sure none of their data will be lost. Delta migration can also be done after making the final switch to the new server. This is something that can’t be done in PowerShell.

Scheduling the migration

Because transferring large amounts of data between mail servers can affect network performance, sometimes it is wise to schedule the migration overnight or on weekends. Thanks to the handy migration scheduler featured in CodeTwo Office 365 Migration, the administrator can configure the program to copy data automatically on given hours during the week.

Pause and resume option

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration lets you pause and resume the migration at any point without affecting the result of the whole process. This feature isn’t available in the native Office 365 migration tool.

Bulk target user account creation

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration offers the capability to automatically create and license user accounts in the target Office 365 organization. During this process, you can let the program replicate Active Directory data without changes or adjust syncing algorithms and data scopes according to your needs. Learn more...

Auto-matching of the mailboxes

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration was designed to reduce the amount of manual work that needs to be done during the migration to minimum. That’s why the program features a mechanism that automatically matches the mailboxes on the source and target server’s end. This feature is especially handy when it comes to migrating hundreds of mailboxes to Office 365. Learn more...

Free technical support during the migration

Because migrating mailbox data is a critical moment for almost every IT administrator who’s dealing with it, we exactly know how important it is to have an opportunity to consult your moves with experienced consultants of the software manufacturer. That’s why every CodeTwo Office 365 Migration user gets free technical support from CodeTwo technicians during the migration. Contact us 24 hours a day…

Notifications from the program sent via email

The program can send email alerts with reports from the migration process to specified email addresses. In the Email reports options you can decide what kind of information will be included in the email report as well as indicate under what circumstances such alert will be sent. Learn more...

Items filtered by their age

Thanks to the time filter capability, our migration tool gives the possibility to decide which items should or should not be migrated. It means that depending on the age of items set up, it is possible to include or exclude certain items from the migration process. Time filters can be configured in the Source server connection wizard. Find out more...

Organize the migration process within jobs

Now you can be even more organized thanks to a functionality of grouping mailboxes into smaller migration tasks called jobs. You decide which mailboxes will be included in a particular job and when the migration process will be started within that job.

Control over migration in real time

This feature will help you monitor the migration process while it is running. In the Administration Panel of the software, you can view which mailboxes have been already migrated and which are still in the process of migration, or which are skipped or not started yet. Thanks to that, you have a better overview of what is happening with your mailboxes.