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Migration paths

  • Direct Exchange-to-Exchange and Exchange-to-SBS mailbox migrations: Via EWS and with no transitional stages or environments. Find out more.
  • Office 365 to Exchange migrations: Connecting to the source server by EWS makes it possible to move your Office 365 tenant to an on-premises Exchange Server.
  • Cross-domain and cross-forest migrations: Copy whole mailboxes within a large organization, between forest and domain relationships. Find out more.
  • Support for hybrid migrations: The program lets you migrate from and to hybrid environments. Find out more.
  • IMAP to Exchange: Centrally manage email replication from IMAP servers, e.g. IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) or Google Apps, to Exchange 2019, 2016 or 2013. Find out more.
  • Hosted email to Exchange (via IMAP): Migrate from hosted Exchange or other email services to on-premises Exchange via IMAP. Find out more.

Speed and automatization

  • Reduces resource consumption: The program requires only 1 administrator, eliminates the need for transitional environments and saves time by automatizing the process of mailbox migration.
  • Graphical interface: Minimizes the need for PowerShell use, all features accessible directly via the Administration Panel. Find out more.
  • Pre-configuration wizard: Easy connection to the source server, as well as target server permissions setup and EWS connection. Find out more.
  • Migration process based on jobs: create jobs to suit your needs. This way you can better organize the migration process by, for instance, dividing all mailboxes into smaller groups and migrating them in separate batches.
  • Bulk creation of target mailboxes: Create target Exchange mailboxes for migrated users in bulk, based on a range of source server properties. Find out more.
  • Automatic mailbox matching: Automatic source and target mailbox matching based on predefined or custom AD attribute patterns. Find out more.
  • Migration priority: Decide in what order your mailboxes are migrated by setting up a priority number for each of them. Now you can push more important data first.
  • Time filter: Choose which items will be migrated based on their age. Copy the newest items first, switch your users to the new organization, and move the remaining data. Or move the bulk of old data first and later quickly switch to the new Exchange Server by only migrating the newest items. 

Secure and seamless

  • Central control and monitoring: Regardless how many servers are being migrated, the whole process is handled and supervised via one graphical console equipped with convenient reporting features.
  • Uninterrupted availability: The migration process is invisible to end users. Availability of mailboxes and their contents remains unaffected.
  • 100% security: Mailbox data is replicated directly between user’s servers (no Cloud involved) and never deleted or modified. We always encrypt your data and never store it on our servers.
  • Zero impact migration & zero downtime. Users can use their mailboxes while their data is copied to another Exchange Server.
  • Real-time status reports: Information about the progress and status of mailbox migrations is displayed directly in the Administration panel.
  • Overall or detailed reports: Generate migration reports for the entire project and/or for selected mailboxes or jobs. Tell the program to send those reports to an email address of your choice so that you are always well-informed about the progress of the migration process.


  • Multiple server environment support: Regardless if your mailboxes are being replicated or not, you can easily migrate them between clusters, DAGs, etc.
  • Support for all languages: CodeTwo Exchange Migration lets you migrate all items, regardless of the language they are in. Mailbox language does not influence the migration process in any way and all special language characters are not affected by the migration process.
  • Highly scalable: Migrate large organizations with 10,000+ mailboxes and items of any size supported by the source and target organization.
  • No size or speed limits: The application does not affect the speed of a migration in any way, nor does it limit the size of migrated items.
  • All item types supported: Migrate emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals and custom forms in Exchange-to-Exchange scenarios, and emails in IMAP-to-Exchange scenarios (due to a limitation of the IMAP protocol). Find out more.

Additional benefits

  • Delta migrations: If new items have been added to a source mailbox after the migration process has been completed, the Rescan option allows you to rerun the migration process to perform a differential synchronization, without creating duplicates.
  • Dry-run migrations: While preparing for the move you can perform a dry-run migration of any number of mailboxes. Later on, you can copy the mailboxes to the same or other location without affecting the license status. CodeTwo Exchange Migration does not delete or modify source server data, so if you are not satisfied with the result of the test, just clear the target mailbox/es and you're back to the pre-dry-run state.
  • Select folder types: Decide what item types are migrated from the source server. You can select one or combination of emails, contacts, tasks, calendar appointments, notes etc.
  • Schedule the migration: Pre-configure periods when the migration is supposed to be triggered automatically during the week.
  • Pause and resume: Pause an in-progress migration and resume it at a more convenient time, without risking failures or limiting end-user access to services.
  • Backup of mailboxes: The program does not delete or modify source server data, which means that you can use it to back up selected mailboxes or your entire mailbox database on a dedicated Exchange machine.
  • All technical documentation online: The entire CodeTwo Exchange Migration User’s Manual is available online on this page. You can also find answers to common queries related to the program in the Knowledge Base.
  • Free technical support: Assistance via email, telephone and remote session for this product is provided free of charge.
  • Friendly licensing model: The licensing model lets you install multiple instances of the program using the same license key.

Advanced settings

  • Concurrent connection setting: The program lets you limit traffic or manage the migration speed of selected mailboxes. Find out more.
  • Bulk email address EX to SMTP conversion: Automatically convert Ex addresses (/o=Example/ou=AdministrativeGroup/cn=Recipients/cn=JPhillips) to SMTP ( Find out more.
  • Refresh email addresses: The feature lets you refresh email addresses in the program if, for example, a domain is switched during the migration.