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Detailed reports

CodeTwo Exchange Migration keeps track of the migration process to report the results back to you. You can generate detailed reports with reliable statistics for a single job, selected mailbox only or all configured migration tasks. At any moment, you can also view real-time statistics in the program’s Dashboard to monitor an ongoing process.

Detailed reports from the migration process.

CodeTwo migration tool lets you produce three types of migration reports:

  1. Mailbox migration report – this report shows migration details for a specific mailbox such as the total number of items migrated to a target mailbox, as well as the number of items excluded from the migration or items that failed to be moved. The report shows information separately for every other folder in that mailbox, e.g. Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, etc. Learn more…
  2. Job migration report – this report includes detailed information about the selected migration job. If your migration job was configured to migrate e.g. all mailboxes from the Sales Department, the report will show you a migration summary for those mailboxes. You will also be able to view migration details for individual mailboxes within that migration job. Learn more…
  3. Overall migration report – this report shows a summary of all migration jobs defined in the program. Learn more…

Job and overall migration reports are HTML documents which open in a separate window in your internet browser. And with keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+S or CTRL+P, you can easily save or print every migration report directly from the browser.

CodeTwo Exchange Migration can also send migration reports automatically to your inbox, which is a great option if you want to have all these reports at hand or want someone else to look at them, too.

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