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Public folders migration

CodeTwo Exchange Migration ensures a smooth and direct transition of public folders to another Exchange Server without imposing any limitations. You can be sure that all items as well as the entire folder structure will be recreated on the target server exactly as you know it from the source environment.

Public folders migration

The migration of Exchange public folders is just as easy as the migration of user mailboxes when using CodeTwo migration tool. Just make sure your public folders exist on the target server and you are ready to go. And if your scenario requires performing a double-hop migration because of Exchange Server coexistence limitations (e.g. migration between Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2019), the program will let you move public folders with just a single-hop between forests, directly to the target server.

If you prefer to run public folders migration at a later date than at the moment of creating a migration job, you can take advantage of the built-in Scheduler. Once set up, the scheduling mechanism will automatically run and pause the public folders migration process according to your instructions.

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