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Ease of use

An admin’s job is not an easy one; on the contrary, it’s rather full of challenges. So for an admin to have enough time for important tasks, it is reasonable to look for automation and facilitations wherever possible. For the majority of admins, the migration task is one of the most stressful ones, especially if it concerns a large-scale migration of thousands of mailboxes. However, with CodeTwo Exchange Migration in place, the migration becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

Ease of use

The program itself is extremely easy to install and set up. Just a few minutes is enough to have it up-and-running and ready for your first migration job. The configuration of source and target server connections is wizard-driven, so there is no need to play with PowerShell.

The Administration Panel of CodeTwo Exchange Migration, the console for managing and performing migrations, is very intuitive. It should not be necessary for you to read the User’s manual before the first use of the program.

Apart from that, our migration tool comes with a bunch of additional features that can make the entire migration process way easier, such as migration scheduling or automatic matching of mailboxes. On top of that, migration tasks run by the program are completely invisible to end users – the downtime of their mailboxes equals zero.

To check all that by yourself, download and run a free trial.

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