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Delta migration feature

While performing data migration, there is a high chance that before the transfer of data is completed, the source server mailboxes will receive some new emails, new entries in calendars, etc. If you use CodeTwo Exchange Migration to move data between servers, you can easily run a delta migration to transfer all missing items from the already migrated mailboxes. No worries, you will get no duplicates on the target server.

Exchange Migration - 07 feature Delta migration

The delta migration feature in CodeTwo Exchange Migration is designed to safely re-run migration for already migrated mailboxes. The program’s intelligent scan mechanism recognizes already migrated items, so there is no risk of getting duplicates – only the new content will be migrated to the target server.

Delta migration can be run manually whenever required, or you can configure the scheduler to run it automatically during specific time frames. Once the delta migration is completed, you can confidently switch the mail flow to the new server and be sure that no items were unmigrated.

The Delta migration functionality comes in handy when performing cutover or staged migrations.

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