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Why is CodeTwo Exchange Migration secure

Whether you are an information security officer, or you are simply concerned about the safety of your company data, you might be interested in how CodeTwo Exchange Migration ensures your confidential data is secure throughout the migration process.

ISO/IEC 27001 & 27018

CodeTwo Exchange Migration is developed and supplied in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018–certified Information Security Management System (ISMS). To ensure comprehensive information security and maximum protection of your personal data, the ISMS is audited at regular intervals and continually improved. We also consider and implement the necessary security measures at the earliest stages of software development process and we make sure all security options are always turned on by default. Learn more about our ISO-certified ISMS…

No third party involved

The program is installed in your environment. There are no third party tools or cloud services involved, which guarantees that your data is completely secure on your servers and goes straight to the target servers. During the migration process, you are not prompted to reveal your credentials to any 3rd parties or log in to any additional services.

No confidential information leaves your organization

CodeTwo Exchange Migration is installed locally in the source environment. This means that your data cannot be accessed or processed by anyone outside of your organization. Log files which contain an item’s ID and title are stored only locally on your machine. We do not have access to those files unless you decide to send them to us (if you need any diagnostic analysis to be performed) for diagnostic purposes.

No accidental data loss

The application does not remove or modify any data on the source server. All migrated items are only copied to the target location, which means the data in the original mailboxes is not changed. Apart from ensuring data integrity, it gives an added value: migration has no impact on users, as the availability of mailboxes and their content stays unaffected.

Data encryption

CodeTwo Exchange Migration uses secure, encrypted connections to prevent any unauthorized access and to ensure that your data is safe while on the move. On top of that, all information stored by the program can only be accessed by the administrator.

Secure authorization with Office 365 (Microsoft 365) via OAuth 2.0

To connect with Office 365 (Microsoft 365) and access source mailboxes, the program is authenticated through secure OAuth 2.0 protocol. CodeTwo Exchange Migration does not use Basic Authentication to access Exchange Online, which means the program does not store or use your Office 365 credentials at any point.

Support for Office 365 MFA

CodeTwo Exchange Migration can connect to Office 365 with multi-factor authentication enabled. You will be able to migrate Office 365 mailboxes while maintaining strict authentication policies in your Office 365 tenant.

No remote access to your network

CodeTwo has no access to your application. However, if you require assistance, our technicians may connect to your environment remotely by Skype for Business, but only if you provide them with access to your organization.

Detailed reports

Thanks to detailed reports, you will be able to keep a careful watch over the migration process. You will be able to see how the job progress goes and find out details per mailbox. If you come across any errors, you will immediately know where the problem lies.

24/5 Support

Should you encounter any problems during the migration process, our technicians are there to provide support, 24 hours a day, five days a week. Technical Support for CodeTwo Exchange Migration is included in the program’s price.

Trial version

You can test CodeTwo Exchange Migration before you decide to use it for the actual migration. The trial version is active for 30 days. The only limitation is that you can migrate a maximum of 10 items per folder to see how the program works.

We are serious about the security of our clients’ data. Learn more about why it’s worth to choose our software.