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Exchange to Exchange migration 

CodeTwo Exchange Migration allows you to move the content of user mailboxes and public folders from one on-premises Exchange Servers to another. The program supports migrations from all Exchange Server versions, starting from Exchange 2010. As a target environment of your migration, you can choose between Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

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CodeTwo Exchange Migration is designed to ease cross-forest and cross-domain migrations by reducing the time and effort that is normally associated with native migrations. Thanks to the program, you don’t need to be PowerShell-savvy and run complex migration scripts. When using CodeTwo migration tool, the only admin tasks related exclusively to the data migration process are narrowed down to installing the software, connecting it with source and target servers, and configuring a migration job that automatically copies data between the servers. And all that is managed via an intuitive, GUI-based Administration Panel.

The migration of archive mailboxes (In-Place Archives) is also supported. You can migrate them to the primary or archive mailboxes located in your target Exchange environment. The program also lets you decide what protocol you want to use to connect to the source server mailboxes: EWS (recommended for newer versions of Exchange), MAPI (used primarily with legacy Exchange servers) or IMAP (recommended only if you don’t have permissions to migrate via EWS or MAPI).

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