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Support for cutover, staged and hybrid migration

CodeTwo Exchange Migration is a perfect tool for running cutover, staged and hybrid migrations. The software allows you to easily adjust migration jobs for better performance of each of these migration types.

Support for cutover, staged and hybrid migration.

Different organizations have different needs when it comes to migration projects, so CodeTwo software needs to ensure flexibility in choosing a perfect migration strategy. Depending on the company size, amount of data, or time that can be devoted to migration, companies can use one of the most common migration types, which are:

  1. Cutover migration – this type of migration is recommended for companies with rather a small number of mailboxes or little data to move. This is important because the data transition usually needs to be completed in a single-hop and during a limited period of time. Otherwise, staged and hybrid migrations come in handy. With the use of CodeTwo migration tool, running this type of migration is as simple as just selecting mailboxes for migration via a graphical interface. No other settings of the migration job need to be changed, unless you want to exclude specific types of data from the migration.
  2. Staged migration – which involves moving considerably large amount of data to the target Exchange Server in two (or more) stages, since the migration process would take much more time than e.g. a weekend. CodeTwo Exchange Migration allows you, for example, to migrate the newest mailbox data to the target server during the first stage, so that your users can start working in the new environment as soon as possible. In the second stage, you move the rest of mailbox data which was not needed right away.
  3. Hybrid migration – this migration type requires an environment which consists of on-premises Exchange and Office 365 (Microsoft 365) organizations set up to work together. With CodeTwo Exchange Migration, you can easily migrate from, to or within a hybrid environment. If you would like to move data to a hybrid deployment, and assuming that some of data would land on on-premises resources and some would go to Office 365, you will need the assistance of both of our CodeTwo migration solutions – CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration.

No matter what type of migration you choose, CodeTwo migration tool is here to support your task by offering more flexibility and automation than native methods do.

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