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Mailbox auto-matching mechanism 

With CodeTwo migration tool, you can decide to match source mailboxes with the target ones manually or automatically. The latter option is especially useful when you have a large-scale migration ahead and manual matching would be considered a form of torture.

mailbox auto matching mechanism

The automatch mechanism of CodeTwo Exchange Migration matches source and target mailboxes automatically using a default or specified pattern, saving you time and effort. The Match mailboxes window provides you with a brief summary of the mailbox matching results.

Auto matching of user mailboxes

Additionally, while automatching mailboxes, you can set up the program to execute one of the following actions:

  • Create new user with mailbox and migrate – if not found, this action creates a new user account along with a mailbox on the target server and then the contents of source mailboxes are copied to the target mailboxes.
  • Enable mailbox for existing user and migrate – if a matching mailbox is found in the target environment but it’s disabled, this action changes its state to enabled and uses for migration.
  • Migrate to existing mailbox – if a matching mailbox is found, the program simply migrates data between source and target mailboxes without creating any new ones.
  • Don’t migrate – if you decide that the program should not create any new mailboxes on the target server if no match is found for a certain source mailbox, such a mailbox will be excluded from the migration. If necessary, you can match mailboxes manually.

All actions that will be taken by the program are also displayed in the Match mailboxes window, so that you know exactly what action is assigned to which mailbox.

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