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The components of CodeTwo Public Folders

This article helps you understand the architecture of CodeTwo Public Folders. The software is based on two main components, the Syncing Master and the Client Apps.

Syncing Master

CodeTwo Public Folders Syncing Master is:

  • a set of services (C2PublicFolders Service, Attendant Service) responsible for holding a database of shared items and synchronizing them with Client Apps
  • and the Administration Panel to manage the synchronization and other options. Learn more about Administration Panel

The Syncing Master needs to be installed only on one computer in your network. Learn more

Demo Syncing Master

To test CodeTwo Public folders, you do not need to install the Syncing Master at all. Instead, you can use the Demo Syncing Master hosted on our Internet server:

  • first, you need to install the Client Apps on one or more machines,
  • you can then connect these machines to the Demo Syncing Master, and start testing the software.

Note that the Demo Syncing Master is publicly accessible and can be used for testing purposes only. Don’t use it to share sensitive and confidential data as it will be visible to users from other organizations connected to the Demo Syncing Master. Processing or storing any personal data in the Demo Syncing Master is strictly prohibited! Be aware that we clear the Demo Syncing Master's database every Friday.

Client Apps

CodeTwo Public Folders Client Apps inlude: Outlook Add-in, File Sharing App and Mobile Client Apps for Android and iOS. These applications:

  • synchronize changes with the Syncing Master in real time,
  • allow end users to see the shared folders and share their own Outlook data.

The Client Apps can be installed on several computers but need to be connected to the same Syncing Master. Learn more about installation

Learn more about the Client Apps

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