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Sharing / Subscribing folders

To share you personal files and folders with other CodeTwo Public Folders users, you just have to take few little steps. After turning the File Sharing App on, click the New shared folder button in the main app window (Fig. 1.).

The new shared folder button.
Fig. 1. The new shared folder button.

In the window that shows define a shared folder name, e.g. Documents (Fig. 2.). You can also add a folder's description, for example "MS Word files only". The description will be visible to other users subscribing this folder.

New shared folder creation window.
Fig. 2. New shared folder creation window.

After you click Share, a window will display, where you can define other users' access rights to the newly created shared folder (Fig. 3.).

Setting shared folder's access rights.
Fig. 3. Setting shared folder's access rights.

To save the defined access rights click OK. The new shared folder will appear on the list of folders ready to be subscribed in the main App window. Furthermore, the folder will be saved to the default location on the hard drive: C:\ProgramData\CodeTwo\Public Folders\Shared Folders.

To open the shared folder you just need to right-click the folder's name on the list and choose Explore folder (Fig. 4.).

Exploring the shared folder.
Fig. 4. Exploring the shared folder.

If a user would like to share a folder that already exists on the drive, he/she should follow the above-mentioned procedures but instead of New shared folder click the Explore folder button and choose the folder to share.

The subscription process of an already shared folder is even more simple. On the list of shared folders located in the main app window, right-click the chosen folder and choose Subscribe folder from the context menu. In the next window that shows you can additionally define its destination path on the drive and then save changes by clicking Subscribe. After that, the File sharing app will start downloading files from the server.

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