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Mobile App for Android


The mobile app for Android is not available in Public Folders version 5.1 or earlier.

To use CodeTwo Public Folders on mobile devices running Android, you need to download the mobile app from Google Play.

After installing the app on your device, you'll notice that it is simple and easy to use. After installation, 3 icons appear on the list of apps: C2 Calendar, C2 Contacts, and C2 Tasks. Each icon opens a different type of items, as the name suggests. The UI looks similar regardless of the item type: the main window is divided into two parts - the top menu bar and the list of items (Fig. 1.). The menu bar contains buttons that allow you to create a new item, search for an existing one, choose a folder for subscription, etc. The number of buttons on the menu depends on the size of your device's screen - if the screen is small, then some of the buttons are available under the device's system menu button (the hamburger/ellipsis button).

Main screen of the Mobile app.
Fig. 1. The mobile app, main screen (C2 tasks).

First, connect your device to your own Syncing Master - tap the device's system menu button to access CodeTwo Public Folders Settings menu (Fig. 2.).

Settings menu.
Fig. 2. Opening the Settings menu.

Next, tap Connection. If the connection was already configured to a different server, tap the Change button, then tap Connect to my Syncing Master.

Public Folders - Android - connection 1
Fig. 3. The first screen of the connection wizard.

In the next screen, provide the Internet name of your Syncing Master (learn more) and your login credentials - you should receive them from your administrator (learn more). Then proceed to the next step and wait for the app to establish the connection.

Once the connection is made, choose folders you want to access - tap the Folders button in the menu of the app and select folders of your choice (Fig. 4.), then confirm with OK. The items will appear on the screen.

Folder subscription menu.
Fig. 4. Folder subscription menu.

Tap any item to open it - a new screen shows its contents. You can edit the item via edit buttons on the top menu bar (Fig. 5.).

Opened item screen.
Fig. 5. Opened item screen.

The Settings screen contains more options (Fig. 6.):

  • Connection - here, you can see your connection status and information about the connection to Syncing Master. By tapping this option you can launch the connection wizard.
  • Period to sync events - the option applies only to calendar items and defines the timeframe of synced appointments. For example, selecting 3 months' period means that all appointments 3 months old and all that will start up to 3 months in the future are downloaded from the server.
  • Sync items - here, you can decide when the program should sync (always or just over WiFi).
  • Reminder notifications - this setting allows you to decide if reminder notifications should be displayed, or not.
  • About CodeTwo Public Folders - contains general information about the program's version, links to CodeTwo Support pages, used open source licenses, etc.
  • Send diagnostic files - sends a message to our Support Team with the app logs attached.


    CodeTwo Public Folders has been discontinued and Customer Support for this software is no longer available. That is why you should not send diagnostic files to our Technical Support, but you can use these files for your own diagnostic purposes.

Public Folders - Android - settings
Fig. 6. The Settings screen.

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