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When you purchase CodeTwo Public Folders, you should buy a number of licenses that equals the number of computers or mobile devices on which you want to install the Client Apps. Please note that the Syncing Master is NOT taken into account as a client license. To be able to synchronize data on a computer hosting the Syncing Master, you have to buy and install the Client App on that computer as well (or use one of the licenses from your package). Moreover, if you buy the program for the first time, you are obliged to purchase the basic package containing licenses for 3 computers (workstations) and 1 Syncing Master license. Furthermore, along the basic package you can also buy extra licenses for additional computers.

You can use your licenses in the local network (without the Forwarding Service) for an unlimited period. However, if you decide to purchase a license including the Forwarding Service (that lets you share your data via the Internet) you will be eligible to use it for 12 months from the purchase date. After the license expires and will not be extended beforehand, the Forwarding Service will be switched off, and the program will start working in the local network only. The detailed information concerning licensing can be found below.

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Once the order is completed, the user will receive a license key, which will upgrade the program from the demo version to the full version.

Activation of the program to the full version

Additional licenses

If such need arises, you can always buy additional licenses of the program. The price for additional licenses is lower than during the initial purchase. To purchase additional licenses, place a new order. The additional licenses will be added to your existing license key. Therefore, you will need to repeat the activation procedure in the Licensing program to increase the number of licensed machines.

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If you are currently running any earlier version of CodeTwo Public Folders, you may upgrade/update it to the newest version published on our website. An upgrade of versions starting with a different digit needs an additional payment, for instance, when you are upgrading from version 4.x to 5.x. On the other hand, an update of the same version of the program is free of charge, for example from version 4.6 to 4.7 or from 5.0 to 5.1.

The current pricing of the upgrade to version 5.x
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Trial version

The trial version is fully functional, and its only limitation is that it cannot be used longer than 30 days.

Before or after the 30 days period expires, you can activate the trial version of the program to the full version. After the activation, you will be able to use the program without any limitations and all settings, as well as data used in the trial period, will be kept. The unlimited usage after activation DOES NOT correspond to the Forwarding Service.

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