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Sharing data over the Internet

Companies that have their branches scattered all over the country or around the world, usually encounter data synchronization problems between computers equipped in Microsoft Outlooks. Furthermore, they may also find it troublesome to share simple files in an effortless way. Good news is that we have found a solution to this problem, which is the 5th version of CodeTwo Public Folders that lets you safely synchronize data via the Internet. It is possible due to the introduction of a new feature called the Forwarding Service.

The Forwarding Service enables an unattended connection between the Client Apps and the Syncing Master over the Internet. The service is totally safe because it does not store any data. Its task is to support data transfer between the Client Apps and the Syncing Master. Furthermore, sent data safety is guaranteed by the appropriate encryption.

How does it work? The Syncing Master shared in the Internet via the Forwarding Service uses a dedicated protocol to define its unique ID. Next, the Client Apps use this ID to connect directly to the Syncing Master. The service acts as a connector and therefore there is no possible way that any third party, including CodeTwo, can access your data as it is stored locally on you own computers.

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