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How to manage file version conflicts?

Every file shared via File Sharing App of CodeTwo Public Folders has its unique version history that depends on operations performed on these files by the authorised users.
It often happens that File Sharing App users are working on the particular file and they receive the File version conflict error (Fig. 1.).

Public Folders - File version conflict.
Fig. 1. The file version conflict error.

Furthermore, copies of the shared file that users are currently working on are created (the number of copies depends on the number of these users). This way, apart from the original file, other ones are created in the same shared file's location with the name of the file followed by -[user name]'s copy. Therefore, this situation may be found confusing because of several different duplicates of the same file containing different data (Fig. 2.).

Public Folders - Original files' copies.
Fig. 2. Copies of the original file.

There are 3 possible scenarios in which such an error may occur:

  1. Two or more authorised users are editing the same file at the same moment and they save this file simultaneously. Most of them, apart from the first one who saved the file, receive the error.
  2. Two or more authorised users create exactly the same files (name and type) but some of them are Offline. The Offline users receive such an error after regaining the internet connection.
  3. All of the authorised users are Offline and edit the same file at the same time. Then, all of the users regain the internet connection and most of them, apart from the first one who went online, receive the error.

To handle the situation and make sure that in the particular file's location there is only one shared file of its kind (without duplicated copies), every user who have introduced changes and received the aforementioned error is adviced to manually copy the changes from his/her file copy to the original file and delete the duplicate as soon as the changes are saved. In this way duplicates will be removed and all current data will be kept up to date.

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