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How to use the CodeTwo Internet demo server (Demo Syncing Master)?

The CodeTwo Internet demo server (Demo Syncing Master):

  1. Allows you to quickly and easily see what workgroup possibilities CodeTwo Public Folders gives you, without having to install your own Syncing Master in your local network.
  2. Is safe. Your Outlook personal folders’ data remains invisible to other users of the Demo Syncing Master until you decide to move it to the C2PublicFolders folder tree or explicitly share your personal folder.
  3. Is publicly accessible and can be used for testing purposes only. Don’t use it to share sensitive and confidential data as it will be visible to users from other organizations connected to the Demo Syncing Master. Processing or storing any personal data in the Demo Syncing Master is strictly prohibited! The Demo Syncing Master's database is cleared every Friday. If you want to use the software on a day-to-day basis or to keep confidential or personal data, you should download and install the Syncing Master in the local network.

Learn how to connect to CodeTwo demo server (Demo Syncing Master)
Learn more about the Client Apps


If you don't want to use our Internet demo server, install the Syncing Master of CodeTwo Public Folders in the local network. To find out more, read about the Syncing Master installation.

Folder List
Fig. 1. Folder List.

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