This software has been discontinued. You can check the list of currently available CodeTwo products here.
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If you are using Public Folders version 4.6.3 or older, please consult this User's Manual.

CodeTwo Public Folders is an Outlook extension, allowing many network users to share their resources with each other. All users can work with the same data simultaneously. Each change in the shared folders made by one user becomes immediately visible to other users. Users can create, edit and delete folders and items of any type available in Outlook (calendars, contacts, email messages, tasks, journals, notes) and even create folders with Office documents (such as Word docs or Excel spreadsheets).

From the user's point of view, working with shared folders looks exactly the same as working with Outlook personal folders. This is a considerable advantage as users do not have to learn to operate the new software and can start using Outlook for group work immediately.


Installation and deployment of the software are very straightforward. First install the Syncing Master on one of the computers in the local network (it does not require any additional configuration). Then, install the Outlook Addins on the machines you want to have access to the shared folders. If you want to quickly check how CodeTwo Public Folders works, you don't even have to install the Syncing Master - you can connect to our internet demo server. More...

Examples of Practical Applicacion

Thanks to its multiple capabilities CodeTwo Public Folders can be used in companies in a number of scenarios of groupwork. Here are the selected application examples: keeping a shared calendar and schedules, booking resources in calendars, sharing personal calendars, sharing company contact database and address book, creating a shared inbox for all mail, holding discussions in discussion groups, managing projects using task items, delegating tasks, sharing document library.

Read more about selected application examples.

Sharing personal folders

The publishing (sharing) of personal folders feature allows users to share their personal resources with the people they work with on a day-to-day basis. More...

Sharing public folders

In the shared public folders in Outlook, users can share data and work simultaneously, creating group calendars, contact lists, shared inboxes and outboxes, group tasks, etc. More...

Access rights to shared folders

Access rights to the shared folders can be freely defined by their owners and administrators using a convenient user interface. More...

Offline mode

It is possible to work with data in public folders even when a computer is not connected to the network. All changes in that case will be saved locally and synchronized with the data on the Syncing Master once the connection is restored. The ability to work in the offline mode is especially helpful for users who are often outside the office and use portable computers. More...

Outlook Add-in - Syncing Master Architecture

CodeTwo Public Folders consists of two separate modules: the Outlook Addin and Syncing Master. The Outlook Addin enables the use of public folders in Outlook. The Syncing Master is used for communication and data synchronization between all the Outlook Add-ins and managing the program's databse.. More...