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When is the data synchronized between the Outlook Add-ins?

Each Outlook Add-in locally stores the current copy of the shared Outlook data from the Syncing Master (thanks to such solution, you can work with public folders even if there is no physical connection with the company network - offline mode). When one of the users changes data in a public folder, the data on all Outlook Add-ins currently active in the network is immediately (in real-time) synchronized by the Syncing Master. Furthermore, when an Outlook Add-in is launched, it downloads all the changes made to the public folders from the Syncing Master while the add-in was not connected to the network. Thanks to that solution, all Outlook Add-ins connected to the network always see the same data. The local backup copy of the Add-in's database is stored in a PST file. On the other hand, the File Sharing App data is stored on the local drive in a folder synchronized with other Client Apps of CodeTwo Public Folders.

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