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In this tab you will find the Syncing Master's settings options, licensing service options and the Technical Support information:

The Syncing Master

To access the Syncing Master tab open the Administration Panel (click Start ;menu, All Programs, CodeTwo, Public Folders Syncing Master, Administration Panel), Other and go to the Syncing Master (Fig. 1.).

The Syncing Master settings window.
Fig. 1. The Syncing Master settings window.

The Syncing Master configuration window is divided into four sections. Please note that the advanced settings defined in each section may have a direct impact on the program's performance.

The first thing you can work upon is the System service status. If the program was installed correctly, the status state should be marked as Running. If it was not, there would be an information saying Stopped. The service can be manually stopped and started by clicking the Stop/Start button.

If you have problems with the service, please consult C2PublicFolders system service configuration.

In the next section, you can define Database location. It is a folder path on a local drive, where the Syncing Master's database is stored. When you decide to relocate the database e.g. onto a different drive, you should remember to enter the new folder path into the Database location.

In the Diagnostic files section, you can open a folder containing program's diagnostic files. The Syncing Master stores diagnostic data in the log files. This data is useful while analyzing the program's performance by our Customer Support. The logging level defines a way, in which the log files are saved. This level should be left as "Standard" by default. However, if there are communication problems between the computers with the Client Apps and the one with the Syncing Master, the level should be changed to "Detailed".

In the last section of the Syncing Master window (Network Settings) you can define TCP communication port, used to enable communication between the Client Apps and the Syncing Master. By default, the port is set to 5002. If there is no special need to change the port, we recommend using the default one. However, if you need to use another port, please remember to enter the same port number for the configuration of each Client App.

All settings changed in the Syncing Master need to be confirmed by clicking the Apply button.

The Syncing Master is implemented as the system service. If the Client App encounters any connection problems with the Syncing Master it is advised to check the C2PublicFolders service configuration using the Services console (go to Start menu and choose Administrative Tools).

If the Client App cannot get connected to the Syncing Master, you should first check if the C2PublicFolders service is running. To do that open the Services console and make sure there is a Started status next to the C2PublicFolders service (Fig.2). If the service cannot be started and there is a login error, right-click the C2PublicFolders Service, Properties, choose Log On tab and find out whether Local system account is checked.

More about resolving connection problems

If the C2PublicFolders Service does not start along the computer startup, make sure that the Service Startup Type is set to Automatic. To check that, right-click the service, choose Properties and on the General tab set Automatic startup type.

C2PublicFolders system service configuration.
Fig. 2. C2PublicFolders system service configuration.


To access this tab open the Administration Panel (click Start menu, All Programs, CodeTwo, Public Folders Syncing Master, Administration Panel) Other and go to the Licensing tab (Fig. 3.).

Licensing tab window.
Fig. 3. Licensing tab window.

This tab consists of 2 sections. There are two buttons in the first one: Activate and Purchase a license If you click Activate, the CodeTwo Public Folders Licensing Module will display (Fig. 4.).

Learn more about licensing

Program's activation window.
Fig. 4. Program's activation window.

If CodeTwo Public Folders has not been activated yet, just above the Activate button, a message will show saying This copy is not activated and is working in demo mode. After the activation the message will be replaced with the license key used to activate the program. Furthermore, an expiry date of the Forwarding Service will also be displayed.

After clicking Purchase a license you will be forwarded to the program's website where you can find, i.a. a calculator used to calculate the program's license price and an order form. In the demo mode, the program can be used by an unlimited number of users. After the activation, the number of users will be limited, and information will show stating how many user licenses are available.

In the second part of the Licensing tab, there is a list of Currently licensed computers displayed. The names on the list correspond to the licensed computers connected to the Syncing Master. The name of a particular computer may be changed by right-clicking on the Computer, Properties, Change settings, Computer name and Change.

Technical support


CodeTwo Public Folders has been discontinued and Customer Support for this software is no longer available.

To enter the Technical support tab go to the Administration Panel (click Start menu, All Programs, CodeTwo, Public Folders Syncing Master, Administration Panel), Other and choose the Technical support tab (Fig. 5.).

The technical support tab.
Fig. 5. The technical support tab.

Within this tab, you will find links to websites containing useful information on CodeTwo Public Folders. For example, you may check how to configure and use the program in the User's Manual or in the Knowledge Base. In case you have any questions, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions area.

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