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CodeTwo Public Folders Service Attendant

This article is meant for users of CodeTwo Public Folders. This software has been discontinued. You can check the list of currently available CodeTwo products here.


CodeTwo Public Folders starting version 5.x comes with CodeTwo Public Folders Service Attendant. What is it, how will you benefit from it and how to operate it?


Service Attendant is a service that is installed automatically along with the main service - CodeTwo Public Folders Service, as well as CodeTwo Public Folders Backup Service. The main service is responsible for accepting connections from client applications, managing permissions and providing access to the Syncing Master database, while the Backup Service is there to manage automatic, scheduled backups. Running Backup Service is not necessarily required to happily share your Outlook data, you can create backups manually, after all. Running CodeTwo Public Folders Service, however, is a must for the synchronization to work.

Fig. 1. CodeTwo PublicFolders services on the list of Windows services.

In the vast majority of cases there are no problems with the main program service. In some environments, though, users may find that their CodeTwo Public Folders Service occasionally stops for no apparent reason and the synchronization does not work. Such behavior may be caused by user's firewall, antivirus or even Windows itself. This occurs rarely but when it does someone actually has to log on to the computer and start the service manually. To avoid that unnecessary hassle CodeTwo installs this CodeTwo Public Folders Service Attendant along with the program. Its only work is to make sure that the main service is running. If the CodeTwo Public Folders Service stops working the Attendant Service will start it immediately.

If you wish to manually start/stop it or to enable/disable the automatic start of the CodeTwo Public Folders Service Attendant go to your Windows services menu (Start, Run/Search, services.msc), right click on the service name, choose Properties and pick the appropriate option.

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