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"A great bit of software that is easy to bolt on to Microsoft 365 and is backed by great service from CodeTwo support staff."

Brendan Cann
IT Infrastructure Manager, Trinity Grammar School


Company name:
Trinity Grammar School

Number of employees:

Number of emails processed every day:
15,000 inbound and outbound

Server type:
Office 365 with various email clients

Inconsistent signatures across the school. Signatures “breaking” within different clients

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365

Installation type:
457 Mailboxes

Implementation time:
4 hours (signatures set up in around 15 minutes)

Company description

Trinity Grammar School was founded in the beggining of the 20th century and is located in Melbourn, Australia. It is an educational organization with a long-established tradition. As an Anglican school, its mission is not only to educate its students, but also to encourage their development. The combined effort of school’s staff helps boys realize their potential and find their place in life. Maintaining a good reputation and public relations is a high priority for the school.


Trinity Grammar School, as an educational organization, needs to commit to the highest professional standard. Everyday correspondence between school’s staff and parents, as well as other important stakeholders, needs to be professional. Therefore, attention to detail is an absolute prerequisite. Unfortunately, the organization had a major issue trying to standardize email signatures for all staff members. For a company which consists of 450 employees, it was impossible to set email signatures for each and every user. In order to solve the issue, Trinity Grammar School tried natively available options for unifying email signatures. Unfortunately, central email management option available for Office 365, which is setting up the right mail flow rules, turned out to be faulty. Signatures did not work well – in some email clients they looked fine, while in others, they broke.


Brendan Cann, IT Infrastructure Manager at Trinity Grammar School, decided to look for a professional tool which would solve the issue of unprofessional email signatures in the organization. Fortunately, Mr. Cann did not have to search for long – CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 was recommended to him. Persuaded by positive opinions and recommendations, Mr. Cann started his free trial. His first hands-on experience with the software was very good. “The CodeTwo Software was very easy to deploy. I had the signatures setup in about 15 minutes”, he mentioned. He emphasized that the software worked from the very first try and that the instructions were very clear.

The experience that Trinity Grammar School had with CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 continued to be favorable. Brendan Cann revealed that from an administrator’s perspective: “it is a great bit of software that is easy to bolt on to Office 365 and is backed by great service from CodeTwo support staff.”

Most importantly, the central email signature management solution offered by CodeTwo turned out to be effective and solved the problem which could cause harm to their image as an organization. IT Infrastructure Manager sums up by saying: “CodeTwo turned our inconsistent and problematic signatures into a professional looking signature that was consistent across the entire school for all staff”.

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