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Metropolitan International School

Email Signatures Office 365 CS Metropolitan School

Also, we needed the signatures to have full and correct information about employees, with all necessary data, i.e. address, phones, positions and departments they are in. We already had the AD infrastructure and still had to find one place to manage all signatures.


Company description

Metropolitan School is located in Cairo, Egypt. While the school offers education based on the American Curriculum, it does not forget about Egyptian traditions and culture. Its aim is to inspire students to become both successful and empathetic to others.


In the school, emails are one of the most important channels of communication. Teachers at the Metropolitan School have learnt that every sent message is an opportunity. In order to make the full use of that, emails must look professional – they have to include an attractive email signature with a logotype and a valid disclaimer. Unfortunately for Metropolitan School, achieving that with Office 365 administrative tools did not work perfectly: Email signatures were not attached to all messages, and when they actually were attached, they looked differently for various email clients. To cap it all, the school’s logo and images were not displayed in the messages sent from the Metropolitan School. The problem required an immediate solution, before the number of emails processed daily increased.


Mr. Ramy Karam Hegazy from Metropolitan School had to solve the problem of the faulty email signatures. While searching on the Web, he found CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. After a quick research, Mr Hegazy found out that this tool for Office 365 should solve all the problems the school had with email signatures and that it already helped many companies with similar issues. During the free trial period, the software’s effectiveness was confirmed. “Our official signatures became uniformed and have been attached to all emails sent to our clients since we started using the software.” – says Mr. Hegazy. “Now they look more professional and reinforce our identity as a high standard educational organization. I recommend other organizations to use CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365! The program is amazing and solved a lot of issues we were having.”


Company name: Metropolitan School
Number of employees: 100
Number of emails processed every day: 70-100
Server type: Office 365
Problems: Email signatures were not unified. Logo and images did not appear in the messages
Solution/Product: CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365
Installation type: 26 mailboxes
Installation time: As soon as possible

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