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"Engagement from CodeTwo sales has been very positive so far as has the projected support at no extra cost."

Colin McArthur
Network and Infrastructure Manager, McCurrach UK Limited


Company name:
McCurrach UK Limited

Number of employees:

Number of emails processed every day:

Expensive solution from a CodeTwo competition which does not offer enough functionality and flexibility, and is less intuitive to use

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365

Implementation type:
1,100 mailboxes

Implementation time:
1 month

Company description

McCurrach is an award-winning sales and marketing agency based in Glasgow, Scotland. The company operates in the United Kingdom and Ireland, specializing in the consumer goods field. McCurrach focuses on helping brands sell more, regardless of sector and channel, through conducting field marketing activities, creating stories and experiences, providing sales consultancy, and offering data & digital products. The company can boast extensive experience, considerable expertise, distinctive organizational culture, engaged and passionate team, and a number of well-known customers.


McCurrach employs 1,100 people who on average send 20,000 emails every day. Some of them work at 4 company locations in Glasgow, London, Manchester, and Zurich, while others cooperate with customers’ representatives at points of sales across the UK and Ireland. With such a complex configuration, maintaining consistent email communication was a challenging and time-consuming task.

McCurrach had previously deployed a third-party solution on their on-premises mail servers. However, they eventually became dissatisfied with the product because of its high cost and lack of flexibility which, according to Colin McArthur, Network and Infrastructure Manager at McCurrach, was best exemplified by "inability to share signature management effort with staff outside the core IT team". So, as McCurrach moved its email infrastructure into the cloud (Microsoft 365), they started looking for an alternative solution to manage signatures and disclaimers.


They came across CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 thanks to Bytes Software Services, one of CodeTwo’s British resellers. McCurrach people got to like the product from day one. They have been pleased with advanced technological capabilities it offers which, according to them, are better than in the signature solution they used previously. After implementing CodeTwo Email Signatures 365, the company has solved all their signature-related problems, and more.

Organization-wide signatures can now be managed by a single person, or this task can be delegated to other teams outside the IT department. The delegated employees can create new signatures quicker thanks to a lightweight web-based editor with customizable built-in signature templates. McCurrach has been able to reduce costs, too. They have been also very satisfied with the post-sales service from CodeTwo. As Colin McArthur says, "Engagement from CodeTwo sales has been very positive so far as has the projected support at no extra cost".

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