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"Marketing now has the ability to decide how each email from all devices is going to look and what information is presented."

Paul Moran
Representative of HGC Construction


Company name:
HGC Construction

Number of employees:

Number of emails processed every day:

Server type:
Office 365

Lack of consistency of email signatures

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365

Installation type:
207 mailboxes

Implementation time:
3.5 hours

Company description

HGC Construction is a construction service company that operates since 1931. They realize projects of all kind: from renovating old buildings, through adapting unused spaces to new purposes, to planning and constructing new building projects. The company is recognized for its commitment to delivering the highest quality of service and exceeding customers’ needs.


HGC Construction, with nearly 300 employees, struggled with a problem of maintaining unified email signatures across the entire company. There was no central solution to create and control signatures for all users. As a result, some employees set up email signatures on their own and some of them did not have a signature at all. To the outside world, the company presented the inconsistent visual identity in email signatures, which was in opposition to their corporate image of a professional company.


HGC Construction decided to implement a solution that could help the company create and control email signatures from one place for all employees. The main goal was to find an application that allows to centrally manage email signatures to easily maintain unified design across the company. The solution suggestion came from their IT partner who recommended CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 software. After first testing, this is what Paul Moran from HGC Construction said about the program – “We like it. The interface did take some getting used to and it took us a few tries to figure out the best way to assign signatures to certain users. After initially putting users in each signature group, we have started using distribution groups based on company and signature details.” Once CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 has been implemented, the problem with inconsistent email signatures no longer exists – “It addressed the issue of lack of uniform signatures. It also took away any responsibility for the end user do design their own signature and they are free to do their job instead of focusing on such things. Marketing now has the ability to decide how each email from all devices is going to look and what information is presented.” – added Moran.

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