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Customer Case Study

Dometic Group

Case Study by Dometic Group - CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

Company description

Dometic Group has been on the market since 1922. It provides branded solutions for mobile living in the areas of climate, hygiene and sanitation as well as food and beverage. The company’s mission is to satisfy essential needs on the journey, and in this way make mobile living easy.


Dometic Group, with 7,800 employees on board, needed a solution for user-friendly email signature management that would work in their Office 365 environment. The company also placed value on flexibility and control of when to display certain signatures. As native Office 365 signature options were insufficient, the company decided to look for a more advanced solution.


Rasmus Spendrup, the representative of Dometic Group, searched through the Internet as well as consulted a project partner to find a proper cloud solution to help the company address their signature management needs. After the search, they decided to use CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. Once the program’s functionalities were positively welcomed by the management, Dometic Group decided to implement the solution. Since then, the company can easily create and centrally control email signatures for selected groups of employees. It is also possible to use various signatures for different purposes. As Mr Spendrup said, using CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 opened “new opportunities with regards to internal, external communication and governance.” He also recognized that the application is “safe and reliable solution that aligns with the overall IT strategy”.


Company name:Dometic Group
Number of employees:7,800
Number of emails processed every day:88,000
Problem:Inability to implement user-friendly signature management and control in Office 365 environment.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365
Implementation type:2,500 users
Implementation time:2 days

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