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Company description

AddSecure is a leading European Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider. The company takes particular pride in their products that help protect human lives by providing alarm and emergency response solutions to public services and various industries. Their security and surveillance solutions ensure safety of businesses, public institutions and various assets, while their critical secure communications solutions offer control, management and reliable data exchange capabilities.


With a diverse workforce of 750 employees spread across multiple European and global locations, and over 100,000 business customers, effective communication is of paramount importance. And with 20,000 emails sent every day, creating and maintaining a unified brand image when exchanging messages is not an easy task. AddSecure was looking for a solution that would help them keep consistent email signature layout for all users and on all platforms. At the same time, the company wanted the signature design and roll-out process to be as quick and as simple as possible.


Following a recommendation from their technical partner, EdgeGuide AB, AddSecure chose CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. Our product proved to be the answer to the company’s need for establishing a unified signature design throughout the organization. From setting up the program to preparing signature templates, the implementation of CodeTwo’s solution was fast and easy. Roxanna Karlsen, AddSecure’s Brand & Content Marketing Manager, told us that with CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, the ability to “control all signatures from one place without any interference from the end user is time-saving and provides a fast time to market when we want to do changes in our signatures for marketing purposes and in relation to the rebranding of our companies”. She also praised her customer experience with CodeTwo, mentioning that AddSecure “always had great service and received quick response”. She also pointed out that “CodeTwo is a company with great experience on what enterprise companies like ours need on the Microsoft 365 platform.” 


Company name:AddSecure
Number of employees:750
Number of emails processed every day:20,000
Problem:The company needed a solution that would provide unified signature design across email platforms, with a quick signature design process and rapid implementation of changes throughout the entire organization.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365
Implementation type:750 user mailboxes
Implementation time:20 hours

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