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"With extremely simple configuration, it’s enabled us to dynamically create Outlook signatures, across a number of different sites, all using one template, with dynamic entries for different users."

Joe Powell
Service Desk & Endpoint Manager, Draken Europe


Company name:
FR Aviation LTD t/a Draken Europe

Number of employees:

Number of emails processed every day:

Server type:
Microsoft 365

Implementation time:
1-2 hours

The company needed to manage signatures for a number of sub entities with login scripts

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365

Installation type:
Over 90% of users benefit from the program

Company description

Draken Europe, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is a leading provider of mission-critical aviation solutions to government customers and armed forces worldwide. They combine rigorous training, delivered by world-class instructors, aircrew personnel & engineers, with leading-edge technology to offer a wide range of aircraft-related services, including customized Operational Readiness Training, Aircraft MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) & Engineering, Specialized Helicopter Training as well as Search & Rescue and Surveillance services.


As a deeply trusted supplier to, e.g., the UK Ministry of Defense for over three decades and other government customers across NATO countries, Draken Europe needs to uphold a professional image in all areas. One of the aspects of keeping such professional image was ensuring that every single email includes a legally required email signature.

Draken Europe managed and created email signatures for a number of sub entities and companies that worked with them. To do that, they used login scripts and links to Active Directory. This method turned out to be time-consuming and very complex, and provided limited support for various email clients & devices.

It was only natural to look for ways to optimize the email branding process.


Draken Europe looked for a trustworthy solution that would solve their email signature problems. CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 was recommended by Cyber Security Associates (CSA) – a company whose mission is to protect others from cyber threats. For both organizations, trust is a currency. It means that the tools they use need to be of highest quality and standard.

The deployment of CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 to over 500 employees at once took no more than two hours. After successful company-wide deployment, we asked the person responsible, Joe Powell, Service Desk & Endpoint Manager at Draken Europe, what he thought of CodeTwo’s email signature manager. His first impression was that the software was simple to configure and operate. He was especially satisfied with support from CodeTwo Customer Success Team. “The software functions as expected, the onboarding process was straightforward, from receiving a quotation and running the trial to ensuring the service has been delivered as expected, ahead of going live”, he said.

For a company that operates in several physical locations across the globe, having a standard signature for all users was a challenge. But now, with CodeTwo, Draken Europe was able to unify email signatures across different sites and personalize them by using just a single signature template. “CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 enables us to publish our legally required email signatures across the new platforms of Outlook and Outlook on the web seamlessly. The product allows us to have a standard signature for all users, with unique entries where required”, said Joe Powell.

Now, instead of having to deal with a recurring task to update and maintain login scripts, Draken Europe has a tool that fully automates email signature management. “I have not needed to look at a service manual once during the process of configuration”, concluded Joe Powell.

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