Connecting to Exchange Rules Service

As CodeTwo Exchange Rules can be operated via the Administration Panels installed either in a domain or non-domain environments, the program lets you define the most efficient connection type in which the Administration Panel will connect to the Exchange Rules Service (Fig. 1.).

Connection settings tab.
Fig. 1. Connection settings tab.

There are two types of connections available:

  • Automatic - recommended for a domain based machines
  • Manual - recommended for a non-domain based computers

The automatic type of connection is the fastest way to find the Exchange Rules Service within a domain thus it will not be useful while connecting from the outside of a particular domain. However, if you encounter any connection issues while automatically configuring the connection, the manual type may also come in handy.


The automatic type of connection is set by default.

On the other hand, the manual connection type needs to be used while setting up the connection from a non-domain machine equipped with the Administration Panel of the program. In such case, the automatic type of connection will not work as the server will not be located.

To set up the manual connection, mark the Connect to Exchange Rules Service hosted on this Exchange Server radio button, enter the Server's IP address or name and then define the Server's TCP port (Fig. 2.). To save changes click OK.

Setting up the manual type of connection.
Fig. 2. Setting up the manual type of connection.

From now on the Administration Panel will connect to Exchange Rules Service using the defined connection type.

Connection problems

If you experience any connection problems between the Administration Panel and the Exchange Rules Service, see our Knowledge Base article.

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