Integration with Hively

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family lets you add Hively snippets to email signatures. The snippets provide recipients with an option to rate their customer satisfaction with a single click on a rating button that appears in an email.

The integration of CodeTwo Exchange Rules and Hively gives you the following benefits:

  • You can embed customer satisfaction surveys in all email signatures so that they always appear in emails and the graphical elements are not blocked by email clients.
  • Your employees can be recognized for their helpfulness, thanks to a high response rate of one-click surveys.
  • You’ve got a chance to contact unsatisfied customers and handle conflicts before they get out of hand.

Use the links below to learn how to integrate Hively with CodeTwo:

Configuration of a Hively account

Inserting customer satisfaction surveys into email signatures requires a third-party service. Hively is a one-click survey service provider that makes it easy to implement customer satisfaction measurement buttons using a dedicated snippet. You can test the Hively account using a free plan, which gives you an opportunity to gather feedback for up to three people in an organization.

The integration process starts with creating team members in a Hively account.

  1. To add new members to your team, go to Users > Manage users in the left menu and click the Add users button in the top left corner of the window (Fig. 1.).

The Add users button.
Fig. 1. The Add users button.

  1. The Add Team Members view is shown (Fig. 2.). Here, you can provide the employees who need to have email signatures with CSAT survey. You can add users individually or in bulk.

Hively add team members
Fig. 2. Adding team members in Hively.

  1. Now, go back to the left menu (Fig. 1.), choose Configuration > Integrations, and click CodeTwo (Fig. 3.).

The CodeTwo integration option.
Fig. 3. The CodeTwo integration option.

  1. Next, you need to configure external identifiers for your users (Fig. 4.). The identifiers are what binds your users' accounts in CodeTwo and Hively. It is the easiest to use their email addresses. To perform the integration, enter the email addresses you have used while creating users in Hively (Fig. 2.). When all users have their email identifiers filled in, click Update and Get CodeTwo snippet.

Hively CodeTwo external identifiers
Fig. 4. Configuring external identifiers for the integration.

  1. A snippet preview window opens (Fig. 5.). If you want to embed the rating buttons in your signature design so that they are not blocked by email clients, copy the images to your local drive. To download the pictures, right-click each of the buttons, choose the Save image as option and point to where you want to save them.

Downloading rating buttons.
Fig. 5. Downloading rating buttons.

  1. Next, you need to change the view so that it displays the source HTML code. Click Show snippet as HTML (Fig. 6.).

The snippet preview window.
Fig. 6. The snippet preview window.

  1. When you switch to the HTML view, highlight the code between the lines (Fig. 7.), copy it and paste into a txt file for later. Simple txt files are the best for this purpose, as they do not add any formatting.

CodeTwo Hively rating snippet
Fig. 7. The HTML view of the Hively rating snippet.

Adding the survey in CodeTwo Exchange Rules

The next step is to paste the rating snippet into your signature design in CodeTwo Exchange Rules.

  1. In the program, choose the rule in which you want to include the rating buttons. Then, go to the Actions tab and click Edit to modify your signature design (Fig. 8.).

Editing an email signature template in CodeTwo Exchange Rules.
Fig. 8. Editing an email signature template in CodeTwo Exchange Rules.

  1. In the template editor, click the location in which you want to paste your one-click survey. Then, click the HTML snippet button on the ribbon (Fig. 9.).

Inserting an HTML snippet to an email signature.
Fig. 9. Inserting an HTML snippet to an email signature.

  1. Paste the Hively HTML snippet code (Fig. 10.). The images used in the snippet are linked. Most email clients block linked pictures automatically. That is why you might want to consider changing the images from linked to embedded. To do so, simply select the checkbox below. Then click the Insert button to return to the editor.

The Insert HTML snippet window.
Fig. 10. The Insert HTML snippet window.

  1. The configuration of the one-click survey snippet is finished. Now, you can save the changes in the template editor and submit them to your Exchange Server. Test the rule by sending an email that meets the rule’s conditions (Fig. 11.).

A sample email signature with a one-click survey.
Fig. 11. A sample email signature with a one-click survey.

Reporting tools

After you have deployed the rule and some time has passed, users will receive ratings. To see how your team members are doing, you can use the reporting tools offered by Hively.

To access the reporting tools, use one of the buttons found in the top-left corner of your Hively account (Fig. 12.) The All ratings option lets you see the overall rating your company received. Leaderboard (Fig. 13.) lists all your team members, showing how well they have performed according to their customers.

Hively reporting tools.
Fig. 12. Hively reporting tools.

The Hively leaderboard.
Fig. 13. The Hively leaderboard.

That is the basic integration of Hively and CodeTwo Exchange Rules. To see more features of Hively customer satisfaction surveys, visit their feature page.

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