Apply full composition

The Apply full composition action in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family is used to configure a template for signatures / disclaimers comprising of all available layouts: header, signature and side banners that will be added to sent mail once processed by the program.

How to configure this action 

To activate this action, click Add in the Actions tab and select Apply full composition (Fig. 1.).

Apply full composition in the Actions tab.
Fig. 1. Apply full composition in the Actions tab.

The Apply full composition action will be visible in the List of actions while the right pane will show the action's properties (Fig. 2.).

Apply full composition's properties.
Fig. 2. Apply full composition's properties.

To configure the composition click Edit. The full message composition will open in the template editor, where you can compose your signature / disclaimer using the variety of available options (Fig. 3.).

Full message composition opened in the editor.
Fig. 3. Full message composition opened in the editor.


Please note that instead of creating a message composition from scratch, you may use the predefined template available in the template library.

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