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The Insert signature action in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family is used to add signatures to emails, that meet the defined criteria in Conditions.

This feature can be utilized to automate and facilitate the addition of company signatures, legal notes, branding, etc. to company emails without installing additional software on the client computers. The messages are stamped by CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family directly on the server.

How to configure this action

To activate the action click Add in the Actions tab and select Insert signature from the menu (Fig. 1.).

Choosing Insert signature on the Actions tab.
Fig. 1. Choosing Insert signature on the Actions tab.

The Insert signature action will appear in the List of actions while the right pane will show the actions' properties (Fig. 2.).

Properties of the Insert signature action.
Fig. 2. Properties of the Insert signature action.

The properties pane is used to configure the template of the signature as well as setting the way it is inserted into messages. To start building the template click Edit. The template editor will open (Fig. 3.).

New signature opened in the template editor.
Fig. 3. New signature opened in the template editor.


Instead of creating a new signature template from scratch, you can use one of the predefined templates from the template library.

Once a new signature is opened in the editor, you can configure its content using the variety of available options, e.g. set the format, change fonts, insert pictures, tables, hyperlinks, placeholders, etc. Additionally, you can also decide what to do if the signature will already be present in the messages while forwarding or replying to mail and where it should be inserted into the composition (Fig. 4.). These options are available by clicking the ER Pro 2.x - toothed gear button:

Opening the signature's additional options.
Fig. 4. Opening the signature's additional options.

Learn more about the additional options

Once you configure and save the signature template in the editor, its preview will show in the properties field of the action (Fig. 5.).

Signature preview visible in the action's properties.
Fig. 5. Signature preview visible in the action's properties.

After configuring the action, the signature will be added to sent mail prior to meeting the defined Conditions.

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